View the estimated waiting list by downloading the document here.

Print out an application form from here.

For your information!

  • Incomplete applications will be returned once and will extend your wait time.


  • No photo copies or faxed applications will be accepted.


  • Washington Court and Public Housing bedroom eligibility is based on size of the family per HUD Regulations, so please list all persons living in your household on your application so you will be placed on the appropriate waiting lists.  If you are expecting a child please list the unborn child and due date as a household member on application.


  • Waiting List Estimates are based on the Date and Time that a COMPLETED Application is received in our office and indicates how long it could take for your application to reach the top of the Waiting List. 


  • Eligibility is not determined until you reach the top of the waiting list.  Please note a copy of the administrative plans are available online at


  • If you are a student applying for the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HAP) please ask for a copy of the student eligibility requirements.


Applicants will be removed from the waiting list under the following circumstances:

1)  At any time upon the written request of the Applicant to be removed from the waiting list is received; or
2)  When the Applicant has failed to respond to the notification of an available unit within ten days of the date of the notification, or fails to appear for a set appointment; or

3)  When the Applicant has responded to the notification of an available unit and failed to appear for the appointment; or

4)  When the Applicant has failed to return completed landlord references within ten days of the date mailed; or
5)  When the Applicant is no longer eligible for the program; or
6)  When the Applicant has been offered an available unit and has refused the unit; or
7)  When regular mail sent to the address on the completed or updated application is returned by the USPS, unopened and/or undeliverable; or

8)  When the household size of the applicant no longer qualifies for the bedroom size applied for or pursuant to Occupancy Standards.


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